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Being Sensitive To Atmosphere

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We get to hear many people say that a house where there has been a series of tragic occurences, reflects this atmosphere, because people living there would be unhappy and would have transmitted their feeling of depression to others as well . It is the same when the place has many happy memories and people have been happy living there.So it is basically the association that our mind has to a certain experience and a certain place

Some places make us happy and carefree even if we are visiting, that particular place for the first time and some places give us the creeps or make us uncomfortable .There are some places which make you fee.l sad and certain experiences bring some places to our mind. Like such as, when I listen to a certain song, my mind immediately goes back to the first time I listened to it while I was a child. I can remember that I was walking holding my father's hand and the song was playing at a close by restaurant - all this comes to my mind automatically when I hear the song even now after all these years. I have heard some other people talk about some unpleasant memories which come to their mind when they visit a certain place although they have not had any bad experience there. It is the association which makes them remember certain things connected with a place or atmosphere of a place.Open places like sea beaches and valleys generally calm our nerves and make us happy.I used to walk to school every day passing through a lane where there was an open graveyard. But somehow I never had any fear or feeling of dread or fear since we used to walk in a group and had a lot of fun teasing each other ! So I guess it is the personal experience that is more important and also the kind of experience that one has gone through !

Ordinary every day experiences too become relevant sometimes when it gets connected to another experience which is either very happy, scary or unhappy.It is only the strong emotions that leaves a permanent mark on our minds and we associate them with certain specific atmosphere or place .