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Berkley And Jensen Granola Cereal

By joey on
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I just picked up another package of this great cereal that I have bought a couple of other times as well. I think of this as a cereal but they call it granola on the bag. I can attest that this is tremendous in milk. One of the best granola type cereals or products that I have ever had. I have also tried adding it to yogurt as they have suggested and its really good in that as well. This of course is another great product that is sold by B.J.'S warehouse stores. Now its time to look at the nutrition key on the bag. Sugar comes in at 11g, fiber at 3g, saturated fat at 2.5g, total fat at 11g, sodium at 100mg and protein at 4g. This is a product of Switzerland which I was pretty surprised at for some reason. Once again this is another product that you will have to restrain yourself from eating more than you really should ha ha!!! They do a good job of listing allergen information on the bag as well. I am going to carry some of this into work and put it in my desk for something else to have on hand for snacking or maybe for a quick breakfast there if need be. By the way price wise it is a pretty darn good deal also. Its only 6.49 for a 2 lb bag. It also has a very effective strip on it to help reseal it between uses of it. This really does feel like you are eating something from another world or country when you indulge in this. I consider this a real treat. I would certainly recommend this granola to anyone who likes this type of stuff. A very very delicious product for everyone.