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Beware Of The Scam Artist And Large Checks

mary60 By mary60 on
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We have all heard about the people out there, who want to take advantage of the bad times people are having financially. These people are always coming up with ways to find out about you and your personnel information. We have heard on TV and in the paper to beware of anything that doesn't look right to you. The scam artist advertise and then get you to give up your name, address and last employment, in return for a job at home, that will bring in some cash. In a few months they send you a check, for a large amount, asking you to cash the check and send them some money back, but keep a percentage for yourself. Of coarse this is all against the law. The checks are usually for large amounts(thousands). These checks are very suspicious looking with wrong account numbers, and wrong spellings of the companys they say they are from. They hope you will deposit the check into your account and then forward a good check to them. The banks have caught many of these, but a few always seem to get by-- That's one to many.

Someone in my family has been hit with this scam. A check was sent, but they dismissed it as a legal check and disposed of it. They got a call from their bank asking if they new anything about a check for $3000. Someone was inquiring about a check they had recieved and if it was anygood. Not only were the account numbers wrong, but the whole check looked like everything had been stamped on it, except a signature which was signed by someone not authorized. In the same day they also recieved a call from someone else asking them if they had sent out a check for $3000, and if they could cash it. She was able to find our families phone number and called to inquire about the check. The check numbers of these two checks were separed by ten check numbers, so there are more checks out there! How many we don't know!

The bank is on the look out for more of these, we have called the police, we have copies of everything to do with this awful scam. People are having a hard time and these so called humans are just preying on desperate humans.

Everyone needs to keep check on their bank accounts, credit cards, credit reports-- for the low life is out there trying to get us.

Update On Feb 18, 2010: With this check scam, there have been four more checks that people have said they got and want to know if any good to cash. Did find out these are coming from U.K. and are being delivered by UPS(the brown truck people). Will see what the next few days will bring on this scam!!

Update On Mar 05, 2010: They are still at this scam, and now are getting better with their printing on the checks. Just Beware of these greedy people who want to ruin your life.