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Big Brain Academy For Kids And Parents

Crissy Taruc By Crissy Taruc on
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One game loaded in the Nintendo DS Lite of my daughter is Big Brain Academy. I do appreciate this game and consider it good and beneficial not only for my kids but to parents as well. I encourage my 10 year old girl to play educational games like Big Brain Academy to enhance her in quick thinking, alertness, visual and memory. I am happy because my 6 year old boy gets to appreciate playing the game too. He is happy when he gets a 100+ score. Not bad for his age.

I do prefer educational games like Big Brain Academy for my kids. I understand that there are many games available in the net waiting to download but on the other hand I still want something beneficial to my kids and not to cross games with bad influence. Big Brain Academy helps develop my kids in terms of thinking, visual, logic and memory enhancement. Playing with time is tough but fun and without my kids knowing it little by little they progress.

Big Brain Academy entertains not only my kids but me as well. As a fulltime housewife practically busy on a daily basis, this kind of game fire up my speed, visual and memory prowess. I practically love the five categories: Compute, Memorize, Think, Identify and Analyze. Sometimes I got high but there are lows also. But what is important to me in playing this game is that I get to check and enhance my skills and never get it rusted given my busy schedule.

I have nothing against other games but given the technology we have right now I still prefer to manage and be choosy with what my kids are dealing with. Experts advice parents to choose the right TV shows for our kids and I guess the same goes with the games.