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Big Speakers : Active Or Passive ?

Luca Infante By Luca Infante on
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Lets Imagine, you want to become an entertainer, whether it be : a dancer, a DJ, a magician. And you're looking online at speakers for your act. You've Been looking for hours. ultimately you work out that they are cheap speakers and expensive speakers. The cheap speakers Passive Speakers ( This means they need power via an amp to work ) and the more expensive speakers are active speakers ( this means that they have an amp built it and all they need is a plug to start booming out entertainment ). You have come to one of two conclusions. Either you are willing to spend a lot and buy whatever you believe is necessary. Or go for the slightly dodger but cheaper route. Let's move on.

Now. In any form of entertainment, reliability is crucial. The show must go on. And without sound it can be difficult to do so. Active speakers are very reliable, simply because they have been designed with the perfect power source that wont blow up the speaker. Or cut out randomly. Moreover the quality is equally as good because of the design. This is very important as well. You can't have crackling noises and muffled sound in a performance. It damages the reputation of the show/performance. You gotta be able to cover every gap.

On the other hand however. They are very expensive . For a pair you are looking at £500+ if you want anything powerful. and for a starting out entertainer you can't always splash out on expensive equipment if it means you have to cut corners else where. You have to work out a balance, that means you can have a good quality sound and a price that doesn't break the bank.

This is where passive speakers come in. Although they're reliability isn't always as good. And the quality isn't always constant. They are a lot cheaper. Aside from the fact you need to buy an amp. They are a great contrast for anybody who needs to compromise somewhere. Not only are they cheap, they are easily repaired and easy to look after. Even though the quality is a slight downside, they can be good for anyone starting out in the big wide world.

In Comparison, both have their pros and cons. It really depends on your situation. ideally, you want active speakers. But in some cases the contrast can be equally as good. Once again it depends on you personally. And the impression that you want to give the audience.