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Blogging Niche

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Before I started Writing in the text portion of this article it asked me? "How much do you know about internet?" I chose 5. The reason why is because I spend a lot of time online but my article is not about internet actually its about a niche.if you are wondering what a niche is its a Base of a blog or a website. A niche is what its all about baby...If you decided to create a blog based on laptop and desktop repair then you niche is COMPUTERS.Myself I have a blog about anime and I'm starting one about music and movie reviews for newer and older movies.So my niche is about movies/music.the thing about having a niche about movies and music is everyone has there own opinion and there say of saying something funny or intense or even just interesting.thats why I decided on a music/movie niche I just love so many different types of rock groups and country singers and different movie genres.

one of the things I love about watching a movie with my family is we laugh about different things or someone will catch on to a joke in the movie before someone else and start to laugh and then through the next half of the movie they have to explain why it was funny.and then you play the movie again and turn up the volume rite where they started to laugh and then everybody hears the joke and says hay the was actually funny and then everybody started laughing and laughing! and do you want to know something stupid the first one to laugh from watching it the first time laughs even harder this time almost with tears he laughs so hard.

the reason why I said he is because my father is the one to catch onto a joke or just a stupid part thats actually funny.

that's the kind of this I want to rite about the why people enjoy different movie and different part of different movie...Even how if you watch a movie 20 time in a week it gets funnier and funnier every time you see it.

thats why my blog niche is going to be about movies and music a niche has to be about what you have passion for.

Good luck with choosing your niche if you decided to open a site or blog.