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Blueadvertise: Legit But Not Worthy To Monetize Blog

mardya wandry By mardya wandry on
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I was used blueadvertise.com service to monetize my blog. Blueadvertise is an ads company from Europe and have a system based on Cost Per Miles (CPM) impressions. I am interested because this website has simple rules and does not need a specific requirement for a website or blog. As we know, CPM-based advertising companies usually have minimum requirements for publishers who want to register their website or blog, such as minimum unique visitors per day or per month, minimum unique impressions, English website, source of the traffic, and geographic visitors. This does not apply on the blueadvertise.com, because my blog traffic average is still 500 visitors per day, so I have not been able to use major CPM advertising company. Therefore, I would try this website to monetize my blog.

The template of this website is very simple, the background menu is dominated by white color and there are some submenus to manage my account. The first thing I did was copy the html banner code that has been provided by blueadvertise. There are three types of banner, top banner (728x290), square banner (350x250) and sidebar banner (160x600). I put up two banners in my blog, square banner and sidebar banners, it because the publisher is only allowed to use two banners in a single web page.

After a few days, I logged in and tried to see statistics for the development of CPM ads in my blog. Unfortunately, the statistical display is very simple, just a simple-shaped table, and I cannot see in detail about the conversion rate of CPM in the blog. Especially when I try to look at the statistics in the last week, this site cannot serve it well. So I can only see ad stats in one day, while the previous statistic cannot be displayed.

The pay rates of CPM ads are smaller and in my opinion, below average in comparison to other CPM advertising companies. However, this site is legit, and I've got paid several times. This website has paid me via paypal every month, and you can get paid whatever earnings you get in a month, because this website does not use minimum payout requirements. So you can expect to get the payment in the early month.

Blueadvertise using iframe html code for banner ads, so you cannot use manual traffic exchange website to promote your website. This is because most of the traffic exchange website does not allow a website or blog has an iframe, pop-up window, etc. Without email announcement or any notice, apparently this website has inserted hidden iframe code in the banner ads of my blog. I know this problem after I joined with another website to monetize my blog. After checked by them, my blog was rejected because it contained a virus and malware from hidden iframe code of blueadvertise ads. I am very upset, because I do not know about it. Unfortunately, blueadvertise.com was not aware of malware and viruses that are inserted in their ads. This statement I got from the email they sent me that they found out the problem and have cleaned all the campaign ads from viruses and malware.

Finally, I decided to stop using blueadvertise.com services because many negative effects for me as a publisher and of course will harmful visitors and readers of my blog. Luckily, my blog is not blocked by the search engines because the potential to harm Internet users. Now I became more cautious and selective when using any advertising company to monetize my blog.