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Bravestarr is an animated American western that was set in a planet called New Texas. Bravestarr was a galactic marshall in that planet and tried to keep law and order througout the help of Thirty/ Thirty, Handlebar, Deputy Fuzz, Judge K.B. McBride and Shaman. Though there are several minor antagonists in the cartoon, the main ones that stand out are Tex Hex and Stampede. Most of the story revolves around the Kerium that could be found in New Texas. Kerium is a reddish bright crystal that is used to power ships, weapons and electronic devices. It was very rare and was thrice the value of gold. But the mineral was in high abundance in New Texas.

Living in the planet were Prairie People. They resembled the burrowing prairie dogs and had cities underground. They were like a cross between prairie dogs and humans. They were smart enough to have built structures, use tools and speak English. But unfortunately their diminuitive size makes them vulnerable to exploitation. At times, they are chained and forced to slve labor in the Kerium mines.

In a way the cartoon represents things that are true in real life. Bravestar represents law enforcement. He represents the ideal lawman. Though he may not be perfect, he stands for truth and justice. J.B. represents justice. She always tried to be fair to everyone. The Prairie People represent the marginalized sectors of society or the race that gets oppressed. It could be the Africans who were slaves in the United States or the Native American Indians who live in reserves today. At the end of each episode, a moral lesson would be discussed. This is unlike majority of the cartoons nowadays which teach no moral lessons and are at times retarded, Bravestarr was a pretty good cartoon. It had good animation, a nice story behind it and lessons you could learn.