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Breaking Up: The Easy Way

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It's extremely rare to meet your life-long partner during your first relationship. If you are the exception to this, congratulations. If not, you may consider reading this article, because you will inevitably have to break off the relationship. It's also rare to find a relationship in which both partners are ready to end. These following tips will hopefully help aid you in ending your relationship with your partner, while causing the least amount of pain for both parties.Having dated over

1.) NEVER break up with your girlfriend or boyfriend over a technological device, such as a cell phone or computer. This shows the other partner that you aren't comfortable with them about it, possibly leading them to believe that you have something to hide. It's also disrespectful to the other person. If someone broke up with you over a text message, you would probably feel unimportant. While this is always one of the most important rules about breaking up, a long distance relationship may be the one exception, simply because of the inconvenience and time it would take.

2.) NEVER tell anyone you are breaking up with your partner before you have actually done it, especially if the person you tell can't keep a secret. If your partner finds out before you discuss it with them, they may feel that their relationship was treated with immaturity and irreverence. A close friend or family member may be the exception to this. In fact, it may be beneficial to talk to someone about it, so that you can get another view on the situation.

3.) NEVER tell your partner that you want to "still be friends" after the breakup. This mistake is made nearly every time someone breaks up with their partner, simply because they want to sound as nice as possible. When breaking up with my second girlfriend, I made the grave mistake of telling her I wanted to "still be friends" after we split up. In some occasions, people do remain friends with their other partner, although it is rare. However, If you never speak to that person again, or simply aren't even as close as you originally were, they will feel that they have been lied. It's truly impossible to tell whether you will be close with that person until weeks, and sometimes months after the breakup.

4.) Always remember to be straight forward with your partner. If you are breaking up with them because you love another man or woman, be honest about it. If you simply say you want time to yourself, and then your ex-partner sees you with another person, they will realize that they have been lied to. Honesty is always the best policy, especially when it comes to relationships.

Remember that no matter how well the break-up process goes, you should never assume that the other partner has completely healed. Being overly close to them may lead them on, and make them think you like them again. Being overly distant is another mistake people make. Sometimes, you may think your partner wants to be alone after a break up. This is usually true at first, but by keeping a steady connection with them, you may work towards healing some of the damage done by the breakup.

While I have only dated girls throughout highschool, many of these hints apply to older men and women as well. Regardless of age, all people want to feel cared for and loved. These tips will help you break up with your partner, while still preserving their feelings.