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Bryce Canyon

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Bryce Canyon

In 2000 my parents had to leave Utah and go to California to get cancer treatment for my dad. I was 19 years old and my parents told me they had to go to California because there was no other option and my dad knew that all of my moms family lived in California and he did not want her to be alone in case something did happen to him. My parents asked me if I wanted to go with them but at the time I was living with my ex husband and I did not want to see my dad go through treatment again. II regret that I did not go but I was still in denial of my dad even having cancer and I guess I did not want to believe that something would really happen to him but I am sad to say that on December 7, 2000, my dad passes away and they had only been there for 7 days. I now will always regret not going with them but for some reason I stayed in Utah. I got on a plane and went to California on the same day that my sister called me and I have been in California ever sense then.

Last summer we decided to go back to Utah and spread my dads ashes because that's what he would have wanted. He loved Bryce Canyon Utah due to the fact he was a hunter, fisher and just a all outdoors man. My dad never liked the city and that is why we lived in Utah most of are child hood life. I personally would never live in Utah again but It Utah is a real good place for a family vacation.

I was excited to go back to visit the place where I grew up and I wanted my son and my sons father to see how different Bryce Canyon was. We left California in July and that was the best time to go and spread my dads ashes due to the fact that the weather would be good for travailing. After about a 12 hour drive we finally got to Bryce Canyon and I was disappointed because it was to dark to see the amazing rock formations and I wanted my son to see the canyon. We had to drive through the canyon and keep going for about 20 more miles to a small town called Henrieville.

We arrived at my aunt and uncles house and went right to bed due to the fact we were all tired from the drive. The next day we got up and drove up to Bryce Canyon. It was a bright sunny day and when we got to the canyon I felt overwhelmed due to the fact it was more beautiful than what I had remembered. We could not do much sight seeing because we only had two days and it had to be a fast trip. WE looked into all of the activity's that Bryce Canyon has to offer like, Canyon bus tours, horse back riding, helicopter tours, hiking, ATV / 4x4 Tours, Rock Climbing / Rapelling, and much more. WE did not get to do any of the activities but we plan on taking a longer family vacation to Bryce Canyon again some time soon.

On day number 2 we ended spreading my dads ashes at a place close to Bryce canyon and it was such a release to spread my dads ashes. Everything was perfect and it was a spot that was what my dad was about. It was a special time and I am glad my son got to be apart of it due to the fact he never got to meet his Grandfather but my dad and my son do have something special to share and it is a date. My Dad died on December 7th, two years later my son was born on December 7th.

The trip to Utah was something extremely special even if it was a fast trip and we only had two days. I know we will go back again for a visit some day.

Bryce Canyon is a extraordinary place to take a vacation and I would tell anyone who was travailing through the southwestern part of Utah to stop and visit Bryce Canyon. It is a truly peaceful place and it has a soothing environment, something magical to it. It is hard to explain and I feel it is something you cant explain but its something that one must experience. If you are interested to know more about Bryce Canyon then check out the following links and it would not be a surprise if you decide to take a vacation and Bryce Canyon with your own eyes.