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Cadbury Animals, (Not House Of The Rising Sun)

Glen Smith By Glen Smith on
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This review is not on Eric Burden's Animals, although I do like them a lot too. I feel I should give you a quick review on these other Animals, Chocolate ones by Cadbury. These are actually called Mini Animals, and are a Chocolate covered Biscuit. They d of course contain Wheat flour, so it you are alergic be aware, the same goes for Nuts, they MAY contain Nuts.

They come in a bag, two bags actually, the first is about nine inches by twelve, and this holds smaller bags. The small ones hold just 25 grammes of Animals.

Each bag contains an identical selection of Biscuits, but I suppose for marketing purposes they give each bag a Character. The one I am eating - sorry, the one I have just finished, stars Mojo Monkey, and my last was Tiff Tiger. You can see that these are aimed at the Child market.

When you see the Cadbury name, you just know the quality of the ingredients will be good, well in this case, they are made by Burtons under licence, but the quality is just the same. I do like the way they display the "End before Date" It is black letters on a white background, no missing it then.

As for the flavour, actually they are very good, and the taste is too. I am not suggesting you replace your traditional box of Chocolates with these, but there are uses. I for one will be throwing a few bags into my car glove box.

I refuse to give lists of nutritional information, this is a 25g bag of Chocky Bikkies, and should be treated as a snack at the most, not to replace a meal. These were given to me, so I can't give actual retail prices, but they will be cheap I am sure.

As such, I am giving them my personal seal of approval. Sorry if it is a little short, but I refuse to list reams of info drawn straight from the packet.