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Call Center Companies And Agents

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Being a call center agent is one of the jobs most commonly applied for by unemployed individuals here in the Philippines. As for many, they think hiring will be a lot easier due to high demand for call center agents but they forgot to consider the qualifications. Yes it is very true that customer service call centers continue to rise, the demand for agents is high and that these centers contributed a lot in terms of government revenue, it is a reality also that many were disapproved or rejected with their application due to their speaking capabilities.

Experts said that these poor English speaking skills can be traced to the lack of quality education in most colleges and universities. I think this is the half truth of the reality and the other half lies also on the applicants themselves. They were not able to value the importance of their education and push themselves to the limit to really learn even in the absence of quality education in school. Now they lack the ammunition they needed in the battlefield.

Now a more important issue among call center companies emerged. One Democrat senator, Senator Charles Schumer, will push legislation to disclose outsourced calls. This bill will require companies to inform customers when their calls were being transferred outside United States and corresponding charges will also be imposed on that.

Among the frequent complaints from customers on outsourced calls is that their concerns or issues are not resolved and that agents merely provided scripted replies. I do understand these complaints on outsourced calls. Why? I myself experienced the same dilemma even on local call center companies wherein I tried to call several times and talked to different agents about my concern and believed me until the time I got tired of calling my issue is still unresolved. How much more now the issue of outsourced calls?

Now going back to the issue of Senator Schumer, I think he is entitled to show care for his fellow Americans and to keep the quality of customer service call centers. The challenge here lies on call center companies to enhance the quality of their service and the performance of their agents.