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Camping With Kids

dedee By dedee on
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How to decided which campground to go to when you are taking the kids is really important. For you, your children and your moneys worth. Nothing worse than going camping and the children are at you all the time that they are bored. They will end up breaking your wallet on the general store instead of the outdoor entertainment.

When going camping with the kids the drive alone can take a toll on you. "Mom, Dad Are we there yet?" "My legs hurt", " I have to go to the washroom". Well you get the picture. You don't want to get to your campsite and find out that nothing is available to help entertain your children.

When looking at camp grounds. Ask if they have activites available for the kids. Some campgrounds have dances for all ages. Face painting etc. Also make sure if there is a swimming pool, if it is open to campers or just residents. Even though there would be a beach where you camp, a pool is nice too. See if they provide life jackets. And if they rent out boats. Find out if there are bike trails for the kids. Find out if you can have a campfire. As some places don't allow it on long holiday weekends. What fun would it be to find out your kids can't have roasted marsmellows? Or their smores! You may even want to find out if there the campground has lots of kids or if it is more of a "party" campground.

Pick a campground that has all of the above and your children are sure to have a great time camping and having fun doing all these activites and meeting new friends. Exchanging emails, Taking pictures of the fun they had to show their family and friends.