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Can His Career Ruin Your Marriage

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Can his career kill your marriage? This is a vital question. I think that most people are devoted to their career. They spend about 80% of their time at work and they meet people at work. It will depend on the type of career that your man has and whether he meets hot women at his job. If he doesn’t meet them then it doesn’t matter but if he’s around women all the time then one day you might cry to your relationship because of his job. If you watch on the news or hear in person, people usually cheat on their spouse with the people that they work with because they’re closed to those people on a daily basis. There are also online dating nowadays that are easily available for people to get caught up with outside of their marriage. If your marriage is on the rocky side then you’re even more at risk. Nowadays, it looks as if marriage is on the rise for affairs with the availability of the internet and online strip clubs.

It will also depend on the quality of your relationship. If you have a great relationship and your partner love and respect you and you don’t give them a reason to cheat on you then they might not be so tempted but if you give them a reason to cheat then they might cheat on you. If your relationship has many issues then there is high risk with your man cheating on you, and especially if he has a cheap co-worker that is willing to obey every order from him. It’s embarrassing but there are so many cheap women out there who will do everything that a man or a married man has to say. I see it often and I have to say that it hurt my chances in trusting men too. Men will be men so they say.

If your man works with most men then you’re in for luck, for example, engineers often work with a lot of men and if there are women, they look just like men. If your man is a bartender, then you might want to check up on him at work sometimes. With this type of work, men are more vulnerable to how he makes his money and how he might take up a lot of offers. Yes, people would do a lot just to make those dollars. It’s kind of sad in a way. If your man is a high profile individual and he’s around women all the time then you will also need to worry and check up on him once in awhile. There are all kinds of prey out there and you will lose it to those that are cheap. You can’t really trust your women friends either, look at Shania Twain, her best friends lied like a dog.