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Can I Have My Smoothie Please?

Mimpi Gh By Mimpi Gh on
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It was one such different day that comes with a lot of excitement and unexpected things. I was hungry and especially was craving for a smoothie. I, spontaneously, walked in to the nearest food joint. I was quite familiar with this food joint, as I had visited it a few times in the past. Although the food is just-a-tad-expensive, the crowd made a difference every time I went there. Moreover, that's the nearest eating joint that I could have headed to at that point of time.

I ordered a normal vanilla smoothie. After a wait, which seemed to me like ages, the server walked up to me and asked if I had any discount card for that outlet. I, usually not a discount coupon girl, nodded indicating a NO. She, then, started persuading me to sign up for a discount card with them. I modestly told her that I was not interested. I am generally not interested in these kinds of privileges. She kept on persuading, and every time I kept refusing politely. Finally, it seemed that I had got rid of the way-too-pushy sales girl. I was still awaiting the smoothie. After a while to my disbelief, the girl again came back with a plastic smile on her face, telling me that she had a great offer for esteemed customers, like me, which they would provide me with a privilege card for free of charge! But, only if I make sure to enjoy their smoothies three times a week! It sounded like a prescription and the girl - over the top. I couldn't take it any longer. I pronounced my intentions loud and clear with a stern NO.

Now guess what, she came back again with a paper. It was a form that she wanted me to fill. I refused to do so, outright. She didn't stop at that. She wanted my personal email ID. I got so irritated, that I got up from the chair and headed towards the billing counter for a refund. She got the message, finally, and rushed back to my table with the smoothie that I had of ordered over a half an hour ago. I was dying of thirst and sipped in the smoothie. It tasted like business strategy. Not surprisingly though.

What an ordeal! I returned home late. My mom was patient and empathetic as ever as she listened to the bad smoothie day. I felt like telling her that she was all the smoothie I wanted!