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Can I Offer You A Brazilia? By Nescafe Of Course. Nice Coffee

Glen Smith By Glen Smith on
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I have always been a bit of a coffee addict, and Nescafe is my favourite. The only trouble is, when I offer someone a coffee, they accept, but very often say something like "I hope it's not that Nescafe rubbish". This makes think that I am the only person in the world that likes Nescafe. I refuse to buy several different brands just for the odd guest, so have a slight problem. The answer could be this Brazilia, still made by Nestle in Brazil, but with a mellow flavour, which seems to be enjoyed by everyone, including me!

This seems just right for me, and just about everyone I know, there no bitter aftertaste, and people just don't even ask who made it. I know that coffee is a very personal thing, one man's nectar is another man's vinegar etc. The taste of any beverage is also affected by other additions, like sugar and milk. Even your type of water will make drinks taste better, whether your water is hard or soft, the amount of minerals etc.

I try to buy my Nescafe in 300g jars, made from clear glass, and this coffee is also available in 200 & 100g jars. There is also a smaller size, containing 50g, which is useful for traveling, or as a trial buy to see if you like it. All these jars are fitted with a plastic screw-top, and being clear glass, you can easily see how full the jar is. I must say that Nescafe can also be bought in tins for the catering trade. There is also a top-up pack being released, which will hold 150g, this is a "green" idea, because it obviously requires less packaging, and of course less energy to transport.

Underneath the screw-top, there is a foil seal, this is very effective at keeping the contents fresh. You can either peel this off, or just poke a hole in it, this makes it easy to pour it into another container. The moment you break the seal, you are welcomed by a lovely aroma, this is the smell of the special blend of Arabica and Robusto coffee beans. The paper labels on these jars, contain all the usual information, which I will not list.

To make a perfect cup of coffee, I personally use a heaped teaspoon of Nescafe, in a favourite mug, I add one spoonful of sugar (Demerara if available) and top up with hot water (but not boiling). I then add milk, or cream if there is any in the house, and stir. This coffee disolves very quickly. I am paying just one Pound at the moment, for 100g jars. When available these contain 50% extra free!

This coffee is the full flavoured and rich tasting like other Nescafe coffee, but it is a lighter golden colour. It comes in a granular form, rather than a powder. All Nescafe products are high in antioxidants so it is a healthy drink. You hear so much these days about Caffeine being bad for you, but all ingredients contained are natural, and so long as you don't overdo it, this beverage really can be good for you. I will also add that if drunk black, coffee is actually fat free contains virtually no calories at all, (actually there are 5.4 Kcals) and coffee contains no sugar or artificial ingredients.

The Nescafe company has a website of course, see here. You will find a lot more information, and find out how this company is supporting fair trade. I can thoroughly recommend this coffee to all.