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Candy Apple Salad

Rae Hall By Rae Hall on
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Recently I was trying to shake up things at Thanksgiving. I was determined to try some new dishes. One of those dishes was Candy Apple Salad. Candy Apple Salad is a sweet recipe that I make on special occasions. It's an easy recipe and you can play around with the ingredients by reducing the amounts or the ingredients. Candy Apple Salad is a little pricey to make. This recipe is best made and eaten the same day. The second day, if there is any left, you can eat it but the chocolate starts to dissolve and leaves chololate streaks in it.

4-5 medium granny smith apples chopped (I have used other kinds of apples) (I have used more and less apples)

one 8 oz block of softened cream cheese ( I have heard of people using 2 bars)

one 12 oz cool whip ( I have used 16 ounce tubs)

1 cup of powdered sugar (Confectioners sugar)

5 milky way bars, chopped ( I generally get a bag of the miniature candy bars) ( I have heard of people using Snickers)

Mix sugar, cream cheese, and cool whip until well blended. Then fold in apples and candy.

Chill in the refrigerator for a couple of hours or longer but like I said it is most presentable on the first day and but still very tasty the second day. Also as I said, you can mix the ingredients adding your favorite candy or possibly even leave the candy out. I will say the candy gets hard in the refrigerator for those of you with sensitive teeth. I have heard of people leaving out the sugar and cream cheese although I have not tried that. So have fun trying this. You might want to experiment with it before serving to others but I have gotten no complaints on this one.