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Capitalism: High School

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Capitalism is private industry, the slut of America seducing it’s way into the pants of government and legislature. Capitalism is a behavior, it’s pure competition, Dog Eat Dog, it structures for us, the rest of our lives, as we being to scramble out of High School and into the real world where s#&* hits the fan and we’re standing under it at the receiving end of the deal.

Capitalism is a drug, the one our American System is addicted too. Competition is everywhere, and we the public are seemingly left with two choices. Coke or Pepsi, Mac’s or PC’s, Google or Yahoo, McDonald’s or Burger King. Those top two choices are created out of competition. The one who sells themselves the best to the public. Pepsi and Coke make us think there’s really no other brands of cola out there, when in fact there are, and many cheaper and equally as refreshing when eating your steak dinner in-front of SpongeBob SquarePants. I just hate Capitalism, and as with seemingly everything big and nasty it has a trickle down effect. Where it trickles down from the government sleaze, to the big business sleaze, all the way down, like water down a dry page, stretching it’s veil over everything, and now it’s reachedour education system.

Students nowadays, myself included, don’t care about their work, they have no pride in their work. I know this is a sweeping generalization, however across the board like a pandemic, we are more concerned with getting the grade then the integrity behind how we got it. We all have cheated on an assignment, and honestly, it’s almost a necessity to keep up with this Capitalistic American Schooling we receive. We’re loaded up with “knowledge” that we like carnivores devour and retain in our bowels and once the test comes we expel that knowledge like digested lunch onto scan-trons. And as quickly as we “memorized it” we discard it, old news, onto the next thing. Hustle and bustle of the Capitalist pigs we’re raised as.

We’re all about competition, and validation, we need someone or something to validate us. Ever since public schools became a mandatory part of American Childhoods, we’ve had those dreaded shallow things called “Report Cards.” They service that validation, they apply letters as a measure of learning. What the hell is going on? Does a letter on a piece of paper really, truly, accurately display how much I’ve learned? No, not at all. That letter grade represents more effort, not learned. How much effort did you put forth to get this? How much did you compete against to get this A? I’ve learned so much from experiencing, reading and exposing myself to different things, than I have ever learned in a classroom. And the credibility of that information that I went and attained myself carries no transcript value none. And you too, it carries no transcript value for you. The validation comes internally as it should, on a personal level, not a piece of paper.

Capitalism is the cause of this, look at colleges, who make us take ACT, SAT, have a high GPA, all these things that make it easier for them to shift through us as they admit and dismiss us to their institutions. This creates even more competition among our peers. Pushing to make themselves more outstanding in the eyes of Colleges, to get the job, to make the money, to have a halfway decent life in this Capitalist world. We sign up for Honors, AP, IB programs in hopes that we do out stand our peers and other students so our shallow transcript will look better in the hapless eyes of College admissions reps.

What the hell is going on? Do we really need to sign up for hundreds out community hours just to look better, to better compete? Does that really show my value as a student? Or does it show that I’ll kiss your ass so long as you admit me to your school? I think the latter. In retrospect, forcing yourself to do community service devalues its purpose, and ultimately ruins the whole “service” part, and makes it more community “i gotta do this if I want a f#&*ing decent job.” Capitalism: meet highschool, another thing you’ve ruined. Congratulations, we are your pigs, let us dance in the mud of our existence for your benefit.

The saddest part is, like Coke and Pepsi, we still have two choices: mediocrity or becoming part of the system which toned us to its liking. Work at McDonald's or work at Apple. That’s what Capitalism has given us, it’s given us something to hit the ground running for, our lives.