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Cappuccino Coffee Anyone? It Is By Nescafe!(Nestle)

Glen Smith By Glen Smith on
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Cappuccino by Nestle

The product is called Nescafe Cappuccino, and the maker is Nestle, so it should be nice. I have drunk this for a several years now, and am quite addicted. I have decided that it would be unfair to call this an actual "real" Cappuccino, but as an instant imitation, it is very good. The coffee beans used are arabica coffee beans, which according to the advertisements are "expertly chosen."

This drink is available in Cappuccino, and also Latte, there is the option of Decaff, but I really do fail to see the point of this. They also do an unsweetened variety. There is even a "skinny" version, which I have never tried. This drink is a "frothy coffee", and it looks and tastes very nice. I must say that I am biased, as my favourite coffee is Nescafe.

You will find this product in sachets containing one serving, (16 grammes) and there are ten sachets in a box. This box contains all the instructions you will need, plus nutritional information. The box also holds a plastic chocolate sprinkler, a nice touch. The sachets are easy to open, and are suitable for a picnic or taking on a wildlife spotting night etc.

I last bought two boxes of lovely Nescafe Cappuccino for three Pounds Sterling, although these prices do change on a regular basis so you should shop around. This product keeps very well, so don't be afraid to stock up when they are on offer. You will find Nescafe Cappuccino for sale in pretty much every shop selling food.

The powder in these sachets is based on skimmed milk, but also contains vegetable oil and Lactose, just thought I would mention this as some people are Lactose intolerant. There are some "E numbers" but only E340, E452i, and E331, which are considered quite normal for this type of product. For those watching their figure, one serving contains some 74 calories. This drink has all the lovely creamy taste, but having skimmed milk, it is not too fattening.

To make a nice relaxing Nescafe Cappuccino drink, you will need hot water (not boiling, ) stir in one sachet of the cappuccino mix, stir, and enjoy. The sprinkle of chocolate is optional, I don't think it affects the taste, but it does look very nice. On a cold evening, hold the mug with both hands and warm yourself. A small tot of your favourite tipple is entirely optional!