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Captain Planet And The Planeteers Review

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Captain Planet and the Planeteers was the brainchild of billionaire Ted Turner and was a joint project of Turner Program Services and DiC Entertainment.The show featured the adventures of Captain Planet and the Planeteers on their mission to save planet Earth from polluters and environmental catyclysms. The show promoted several messages such as population control, global warming, recycling, the benevolence of the United Nations, waste management and the use of alternative energy sources.

The story starts with Gaia, the spirit of the Earth waking up after a long slumber. She finds out that the Earth is at the brink of ecological disaster as a result of man''s activities. She then sends out five special rings to five special young people. From North America, Gaia choose Wheeler and gives him the power of fire. From the Soviet Union (later called Eastern Europe) Linka was chosen and given the power of wind. From Africa, Kwame was chosen and given the power of earth. From Asia, Ge was chosen and given the power of water. Last but not least, we have Ma-Ti who was given the power of heart. Together, they form Captain Planet.

While the planeteers were a group of idealistic people who believed in the goodness of man and who cared for the planet, we have the polluters on the other side of the coin. First, we have Dr. Blight, who with her computer MAL, conduct horrifying scientific experiments which destroy the planet. Then, we also have Verminous Skumm who corrupts people's minds and engages in criminal activities. We also have Hoggish Greedly who wastes resources. Then we have Duke Nukem who is a walking nuclear disaster and has the power of radiation. Joining the bunch is Looten Plunder who represents the evils of capitalism. Lastly, we have Zarm, who was a former spirit of the Earth but left the planet and guided other planets into ruin.

Overall, the cartoon was of average animation. It looked very 80ish in my opinion. But at least the animation is not as horrible as Cow and Chicken or Rugrats. Sound was decent but repetitive. The message though was excellent as it taught people to care for the Earth and each other.