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Captain Planet Promotes The Wrong Messages

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Captain Planet was very successful in the nineties as it promoted mostly environmental messages. It was a good idea as kids readily accepted superheroes fighting pollution over a long boring lecture about it. Captain Planet was a larger than life superhero who everyone looked up to. The Planeteers represented the youth who should care for the planet. and gave the show a very human feel. But the show also promotes some wrong messages.

The Planeteers look highly upon the United Nations and promote it as a tool for world peace. - The United Nations was supposedly set up so that there would no longer be world wars. However this is just a front. Have you ever watched episodes one to three? Remember Senator Palpatine? He was part of an interplanetary version of the United Nations. In the end he removed the sovereignty of all the planets and consolidated them into one empire and he became a dictator and emperor. The UN is the same kind of animal.

The Planeteers promote that global warming is mostly caused by man-made pollution. - This is a hoax. Though it is true that greenhouse gases have an effect in the Earth warming, this is very minor. The true cause of global warming is the sun getting hotter as it periodically has through the centuries. This hoax is just something being peddled by people like David Meyer de Rothschild and Al Gore in order to push for carbon taxes. This is supposedly to fund a world government.

The Planeteers promote the reduction of the Earth's population. The Earth is not really as crowded as it seems. The problems is that we seem to be overcrowded because we are all crammed into certain areas. Look at Australia for example. Huge portions of the country are uninhabited and people just mostly live near the coastline.