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Car Auctions

Jan Mayrhofer By Jan Mayrhofer on
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If you are in need of a new car for your family, and are considering the purchase of a used vehicle, you may want to consider checking out a car auction in your area.

Recently, my husband helped his sister to find a car and the whole auction process went very smoothly. They were able to study all the cars offered right at home on the computer via the car auction website. The information offered for each vehicle was quite thorough and included mileage, damage, and any specific repairs that were needed. Photographs were also supplied for each vehicle.

When you attend an auction, you will want to be prepared. Usually, you will be asked to pay cash or by credit card. You will probably be allowed a day or two to pay for your vehicle and remove it, but once you have won an auction you are committed to buying that car. For this reason you should have decided on a particular car to bid on before you start the process. It would be irresponsible to bid on more than one car if you were not prepared to actually buy them.

The auction that we used was a government automobile auction. The cars were used by government officials and many were well kept and had very low mileage. Others were not quite so great, but they probably went for a lot less money.

Some of the offered vehicles were in sore need of repair as well. These would be a real bargain for an auto mechanic and there seemed to be a fair number of them at the auction bidding on those particular cars.

My sister-in-law won her auction for a 1998 Chevy Lumina with only 14, 200 miles on it for $4700.00. Bidding in an auction is kind of nerve wracking, but also exciting!

Manheim Auto Auctions is the company we dealt with and they have many locations worldwide. Some of their auctions include sixteen wheeler trucks, school buses, oil trucks, tow trucks and all kinds of vehicles.

Our experience with auto auctions was a positive one and we will certainly do it again when the need arises.

Update On May 24, 2010: The Chevy Lumina is a great little car and there have been absolutely no problems with it! We will definitely use the same car auction outfit when we shop for a car for our teen son.