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Cary Grant Bio

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Cary Grant is one of my favorite actors, he's handsom, romantic, charismatic, and way charming. He was born on January 18, 1904 in Bristol England as an only child to Elsie Maria Kingdon and Elias James Leach. He changed his name from Archibald Alexander Leach to Cary Grant, which I think was a good idea because Archibald is not a very attractive name. Cary Grants mother was placed in a mental institution by his father when he was nine, because she was so depressed after the death of a previous child. Grants father told him that she had gone off on a trip when he was little, and later when Cary Grant was in his thirties he found out his mother was actually alive. He was expelled from the fairfield Grammer School in Bristol in 1918 and ran off to join the 'Bob Pender Stage Troupe' he traveled with them for awhile till they came to the United States and he decided to stay and continue his stage career in the United States. He preformed a few plays under his birth name Archibald. After some success in broadway comedies he went to Hollywood and changed his name to Cary Lockwood. He chose Lockwood after a character he played in a previous film. Some studio bosses thought the first name Cary was OK but Lockewood had to go so, so after some searching through surnames Cary found the name Grant and Cary Grant was born.Cary thought that the intials C.G. were lucky because of the success of Clarke Gable and Gary Cooper. Cary acted in mostly romantic comedies, like 'To catch a thief' and 'An affair to remember'. He acted in over seventy movies, mostly as a main character. Cary Grant got married five women, and he had one daughter with his second to last wife Barbara Hutton. he died still married to his last wife Virginia Cherrill on November 29, 1986 in Davenport, Iowa in the United States.