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Cash Crate? More Like Spam Crate

Fifi Qwer By Fifi Qwer on
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Note: This is a continuation of recent rants about scams that waste your time and try very hard to waste your money. Don't fall for them - read my reviews. This one is an elaboration on the terrible service of "CashCrate". It doesn't work, and it is a total rip-off of it's previously owned site that many have gotten tired of falling victim to. Yes, that older site is long gone, but this one is really something differently presented altogether.

One leisurely summer day, I was tired of seeing stupid pop-ups saying "GET RICH NOW!!" and "I made $50, 000 answering surveys! Here's how you can too!!". The thought that anyone could earn that much clicking buttons was hilarious. Like it could ever happen. But as an experiment, I decided to try one of the more organized, easier ones.

When I signed up for CashCrate, I should have read the negative reviews. It was a horrible experience. The surveys that were free? They got me a few cents at a time. Which were in the form of points. And the bigger fish were the ones you had to shell out cash for. And boy am I glad I had the good sense to avoid that. Because when I signed up with an alias, (Maaj DumbDumb, a single middle-aged woman living in the Middle East with a yahoo e-mail address) my inbox was instantly flooded with a torrent of spam. Good thing it was a throwaway. I had a random password and username so there were no worries. But imagine if I used my real personal address.

Anyway, the site promised to "reward" you, but only if you could get through the advertising that came with the free survey taking. And that meant you had to click no to 20 offers, then click yes to 3, then submit false information, and then get your result from JungleQuizzes or some other ridiculous website and then check if you got your points. If you did, they were scarce. If not, too bad. The worst part was the withdrawal threshold. It was horrid. I never got anything out of that website except for spam. Don't waste your time on this. It may seem like a good choice, but it's definitely not. Trust me, you don't want to be a CashCrate member.

Don't forget to look out for other scams. While this is a well - made one, it's not the only one.