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Cebu Foods Every Tourist Should Try

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Every tourist that comes to Cebu will be treated to a palatable gastric delight as Cebuano cuisine is a goldmine of food finds with almost every town boasting of its own delicacy. This article is a collection of the more common foods readily identified as proudly Cebuano.


Don't be fooled, this is but steamed rice cooked in a receptacle made out of coconut leaves. This is mostly eaten with barbecue and other grilled foods.


This oval-shaped delight is a pastry treat much like a biscuit.


This Mandaue recipe is a sweet blend of ground peanuts and sugar shaped like a soap bar.

Cebu Lechon

Cebu's lechon is among the most popular lechon versions in the Philipines rivaling that of Balayan. The best Cebuano lechon can be found in either Talisay or Carcar. Talisay has its own Inasal(Lechon) Festival every October 15th. The roasted pig's appeal mostly takes on its crispy and crunchy skin.


Rosquillos is a Lilo-an delicacy. It is a donut shaped egg cookie.


Lapulapu City(Opon) is the Cebuano Sutukil capital. Sutukil is actually a combination of the words Sugba, Tuwa, and Kilawin. The meal is a mix of grilled fish, fish soup, and raw fish cooked in vinegar.


Chicharon is sun dried pork rind salted and deep fried in lard. Chicharon is crunchy and is usually eaten as viand by Cebuanos


Caycay is another delight for the sweet tooth. These are round shaped cookies coated with crushed peanuts.


Ampao is Carcar City's version of rice crispies.


Bocarillo is another Carcar delicacy made of fried shredded coconut meat and dyed with interesting food coloring. The simpler version is Bucayo.


Pintos is a Bogo delicacy made out of corn.

Torta Argao

Argao's torta is a rice cake uniquely made with fermented coconut wine locally known as tuba.

There are many more Cebuano foods but the items mentioned above are the more common ones every Cebu tourist should not skip on their visit.