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Charity Need Not Be Grandiose

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There are numerous charitable institutions that send envelopes and solicitation letters to millions of people worldwide. Most of them are asking for certain amount, child sponsorship, and regular donation. I used to be a sponsor to a child in the southern region of the Philippines through a charitable institution. I sent monthly a specific amount that answered for the child's education, clothing and even food for his family on Christmas Eve and special occassions.

The feeling was great. To be able to help a child finish his education is fulfilling. I felt that I was doing something that I should be proud of. The time came though that I had to give up that sponsorship. I became a parent myself that I needed to focus on the future of my own child and be financially organized in everything. I felt bad that I had to give up that sponsorship but I convinced myself that it is not the only way to be involved in charity. There are lots of ways to help and reach out.

Donate old clothes to charitable institutions. Some churches have outreach program that accepts old clothes, shoes and blankets.

Old toys or toys that are not being used anymore can be donated to orphans. Make young kids happy by doing this once a year. Of course, clothes and shoes that do not fit our grown up kids can be donated as well. Find an orphanage in your town and city and make it a commitment to give annually.

Help organize church' projects in your locality. My mom is active in a women's organization in our church. They organize a yearly visit to the underpriveleged communities every year. They do feeding programs for the street kids and their families. They also conduct bible study for the prisoners and distribute goods and food thereafter. I make sure that

Organize a garage sale in your street where the residents participate. A certain percentage of the sales of every garage seller can be donated to charitable institution or to the church.

Help a friend, relative or someone you know. There are people around us and who are close to us but we overlook their need for help. One thing that I love doing is give away some of my unused and old belongings to my friends who are single moms, jobless or fulltime moms who want to earn. They sell those items and the earnings help them a lot.

Giving a penny to those in the streets may not be a good idea or not even acceptable for some. However, food can be a good alternative.

Doing an act of deed everyday makes our life happier. Life is meant to be lived unselfishly. No man lives for himself alone. Charity need not be grandiose. An act of kindness is not measured by how much you give, but by the intention you have in your heart.