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Cheap, Legal Mp3 Downloads At Mp3fiesta.Com

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MP3fiesta.com offers some of the least expensive, legal, DRM-free and virus-free MP3 downloads and broadest selection of music that I've ever found on the internet, 2, 386, 459 songs by 44, 791 artists. Most full albums can be downloaded for about $2 each, even the latest albums by the hottest artists like Beyonce and Lady Gaga, and individual songs are generally $0.20 apiece. The sound quality of the MP3s offered at MP3fiesta.com ranges from 150kbps to 320kbps depending upon whether or not the tracks have been digitally remastered recently. Because these MP3s are DRM-free, they can be played by and transferred onto any device that can play MP3s, including PCs, Ipods, Zunes and Xbox360s, as well as can be burned directly onto a CD for your car stereo system.

Registering at MP3fiesta.com is free and easy. They just want your e-mail address and a password to begin with, and you can preview their entire song catalog without registering. But you'll need to have a Visa or Mastercard to refill the balance of your account to begin downloading music. There's no sales tax on the MP3 purchases, so you can charge as little as $0.20 for your initial balance and download just one song. MP3fiesta.com is running a special during the month of April that gave me $29.95 free with a $29.95 initial prepaid balance. I wanted to download a lot of music to replace some old favorite vinyl albums, so I took advantage of that deal. And MP3fiesta.com is running a one day only, 50% off of everything special on April 17th, 2010, the third annual Record Store Day, so I'm making my list of all of the albums that I want to have in my music collection to take advantage of that special, too. For $95, I could get unlimited access to all of the songs in their catalog for a full six months. But at $2.00 per album, I couldn't think of 190 different albums that I was interested in downloading to make the Silver Membership worth the price of it.

Once you've chosen which album or song you want to download and have paid for it from the balance of your account, you'll have 48 hours in which to download that song as many times and to as many different devices as you want. But once that 48 hours is up, you'll have to pay for that song again to be able to download it again, and they don't refund your money if you missed your window of opportunity. So it's important to make sure you have the time set aside to finish the downloads before ordering your music from MP3Fiesta.com. The download speeds are reasonably quick. I was able to download the 108MB, 17 songs of The Beatles - Abbey Road in about half an hour with my cable modem connection using the Fiesta Download manager that's offered free on MP3fiesta.com. This website is definitely worth a look.