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Cheap Trick For Great Vision

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Rain often disturbs our travel convenience. Not only restrict our movements, but also reduce our vision in driving. This problem must be increased when our car air conditioner have some problems or even not working. When it rain and surely we close the window, it is often our windows get dewy due the differences air pressure inside our vechicle with the outside. If ignored, the longer the dew will grow thick and our vision will become increasingly blurred. It’s very dangerous because the dew could make our vision getting blur which need more driver concentration or it can also lead to accidents. To eliminate the dew was not enough just by wiping the glass with a dry cloth, because in a short time the dew will be created again.

There are many ways that can be done to prevent the dew on our windows with many difference costs of them. One of the inexpensive tricks is using hair shampoo, which is certainly easy to find and cheap on its price. We can use any kind of shampoo. The trick is by put little amount of shampoo to the cloth or tissue and then smear it to the inner surface of our vehicle windows. Don’t smear too much because it will actually impede the vision due the glass get too wet. Do not also be mixed with water to avoid the creation of foam which can also impede our vision.

Shampoos contain some chemicals which can block water vapor deposition, so the dew could not be attached to the glass surface which had been smear with hair shampoo. This trick can last more than half an hour after we put the shampoo. So for long trips we should repeat this trick about every half hour.

I hope this trick also useful for you.