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Check Out Technical Schools Before You Join Them

Kimber Watson By Kimber Watson on
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Do you ever turn on the television only to hear a school saying that if you join them that they will help you get your dream job?

Every time I see one of these I just shake my head in disbelief, the ones I dislike the most are the ones on healthcare. Just like, become a Paralegal in six months.

I watch these and I am as if, I can tell you that from my experience as a teacher and a student most of these schools are a crock.

Let us start with Medical Billing; these schools make people believe that they will walk into the field just like that or that they can start their own business straight from school. Neither of these is true as an office manager and an Instructor I would let these billers know that until they had some kind of experience that they would be doing an injustice to a doctor. I would take in billers that were doing their externship and if they showed some potential, I would try to find them a spot in my office or I would refer them to another office. If they did not work in the first three days, I would send them back to the school.

As for Paralegals, I was at the top of my class and had a hard time finding a job due to no experience. I finally found a job working on PI cases and the attorney had bad ethics so I went into Medical Billing, which suited me, just fine I was able to do PI work and Medical billing.

If you are thinking of a new career check, the schools out make sure they are accredited do not just jump in to the first school do your homework before starting.