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Chicken Tenders From The Queen Of Ground Beef

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From Ground Beef to Chicken the Queen of ground Beef has a new recipe for chicken tenders they are quick and easy to make and they keep the kitchen cool in the summer months. They are inexpensive to make and cooking time is about 20 to 30 minutes.

If you are like me, always looking for that easy to make meal or something different than the same ole, same ole then you would like this dish, and I have more to come during the weeks ahead. So enjoy and stay cool, spend less time in the kitchen than the normal and beat the heat.


One chicken breast will feed two people so if you have more than two calculate how many chicken breasts’ you will need. Remember you can get pre-packaged chicken in your frozen food section with 6 to 8 breast between $ 7.00 to $ 9.00.

Salt & pepper to your liking.

Prego Italian Breadcrumbs or Sociable Crackers

One egg whip add salt and pepper

One chicken breast for, ever two people

Half a cup of oil

Cut the chicken in one to two-inch slices depending on the size, and then coat the chicken in the egg batter.

If you are using the breadcrumbs use about half to one cup, add salt pepper shake chicken to coat.If you use the sociable crackers you may not need salt and pepper and you will just roll the chicken in the crackers instead of shaking. Heat the oil if half cup is not enough then you can always add more. Add the coated chicken once the oil is hot and cook until light brown on both sides.

One hint if you are using the crackers use a rolling-pin or meat mallet to crush them, I prefer the crackers over the bread crumbs since you do not need any seasoning there is enough in the crackers.. Follow the above cooking instructions and add your favorite side dishes.