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Children Need Their Grandparents Too

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If you are one of those people whom have children. And can't stand your in laws, well you are not alone. In laws can be very over bearing. Interfering from every angle that they possibly can. Driving you insane! I have heard almost every horror story that one can hear about in laws. More so with the mother in laws. From taking your child to get their first haircut without your consent. To working through your husband to cause havoc with the wife. This works well with a husband that puts their "mommy" on the pedestal every time. Then there is the father in laws who we don't hear much about. They too can get under your skin. They want the best for their daughters and your husband never does good enough or a wife is never good enough for their son. I have even heard of father in laws getting their son to go on a night out to have a drink and fill their mind with things a wife would be furious about. But all in all these in laws don't have to get in the way of your relationship. You just have to remove your self as much as possible when the in laws visit. Because if you don't chances are the family will end up apart and no longer speak. Great for you but not your children. If you must just grind your teeth a bit because in the end the ones that pay is your children. Believe it or not grandparents play a big role in your child or children's lives. They need their grandparents. No matter how much they can get under your skin. I am speaking from experience when I say the children need their grandparents. Think about it. Grandparents usually have the big get togethers that your child need and want to be a part of. They have those special hugs that most children also need and want. Your children go to school and hear other children talking about their grandparents. Try not to discuss the in laws around your children. I will add that if the grandparents are downing you or your spouse to the child. that is unacceptable. This is where I would recommend counselling for everyone. This will also help you and your spouse to deal with the situation and not have it rune the two of you. Family is so important. If you don't have your family you have no one.