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Childrens Lawyer

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Are you a parent in the middle of a nasty divorce? Do you have children involved? Did you know there is a lawyer available by the courts under the Courts of Justice for your child/ren's best interest?

This is a lawyer that will come into both your home and your spouse’s home. The lawyer will talk to you and your child and understand your concerns and your child's concerns as well depending on the age of the child. The lawyer will ask you some questions. Once the lawyer has visited both you and your spouse with your child present in both homes for the visits. The lawyer will then write up what he/she feels is in the best interest for your child.

You may or may not like the lawyers outlook and input that is written up for the courts. Don't go into this thinking you can win custody because you have a way with words. These lawyers look for many different things when they come to your home. And ask questions to come to their conclusion. The lawyer may most likely ask you questions about your spouses concerns.

A child's lawyer is used in not only a divorce or separation. They are also used for when a child is in custody and removed from their home for what ever the reason may be. If a child is in a will or a trust and they need a lawyer for their rights.

A judge can speed up the waiting list for a child's lawyer. Depending on the urgency. Most times the wait can be months to get a childs lawyer as the waiting list is quite long. In the meantime try to work out any divorce/separation involving custody. It is easier on your child. The lawyer will pick up and see who has the best interest for the child.