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Choosing The Right Veterinarian

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My hubby and I are dog lovers. My hubby used to have a Siberian Husky, a Pomeranian, and something like a Brittany / spaniel dog. While I used to have a Pug and Parson Russel Terrier. My hubby's dogs are now being taken care by his brother, while mine had long gone from this world. We couldn't bring my hubby's dogs up to the house where we are living in now, because the housing commitee wouldn't allow us to bring dogs into our neighborhood (our neighbors are mostly Moslems).

I had a terrible experience with my dog. My Pug named Rino was sick (he got something like skin disease or something, that made him smell bad). So I took him to a veterinarian. Frankly, that was my first experience with a vet, since he never got sick before. The vet said it was because from fleas that he got this skin disease. So the vet took him for treatment, and he said Rino should stay to make easier for him to monitor Rino's condition. He said I should come back in two days. When I went there two days later, how shocked I was, Rino was gone. He was dead and the vet said he couldn't do much because Rino's condition got worse. And what was worse about him, was that he charged me a quite sum of money. Geez, I was angry at him, but there was nothing I could do.

When I met my hubby (we hadn't got married) and learned that he had dogs, I told him to be very careful in choosing a vet. Here are my tips that I shared with my hubby at that time:

1. Try to ask your friends, relatives, or anyone for their recommended vet. Usually a recommended vet is good.

2. Make sure that their clinic is clean. Cleanliness is one of the indicators that the vet is also a clean person. This way we can be sure that the kits there is also free from germs and sterile.

3. Choose the one with friendly and warm personality. And the most important thing is they know how to communicate with our pets and able to show their kindness and care for them. A true caring vet is not merely looking for money, but they really love and care for animals. This is a difficult thing to do, to look inside their true personality and decide that that's the vet you've been looking for. But I'm sure your gut feeling will tell you this.

I can't regret enough for choosing the wrong vet for my Pug, but then I was glad that my hubby was able to find a good one. I do hope that all of you would find the right one for you and won't have bad experience like mine (cross my fingers). :)