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Cleaning And Cooking

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These days, most people have less time to clean their homes and cook for their families. More families have dual income parents than ever before. If you work, you don't want to spend all your free time cleaning and cooking. One of the things I do, to make cleaning or cooking a little more fun, is to play music or watch television while doing these chores. However, there are ways to save time when it comes to cooking and cleaning, instead of watching television.

Cleaning tips:

When cleaning, always remember it's best to clean from top to bottom. I found out very quickly, that if I sweep the kitchen floor and then clean the cabinets, I am going to have to sweep again. In the bathroom, the sink and flat surfaces get cleaned first, before I mop.

If your floor is just slightly dirty, you can save time by using a steam mop. If you have a really dirty floor, you are probably going to have to get down on the floor and scrub it. To save time, everyone should remember to take their shoes off the minute they come in the door. I have found that I have to sweep, mop floors, or shampoo carpets less if everyone does this. Some rug cleaning companies will tell you that socks are better on carpet than bare feet, because of oil from skin. The minute I come in the door, the shoes come off, and get put behind the chair or in the closet depending on how soon I will need them again.

I have found that using bottled toilet cleaner, which is shaped to be squirted under the rim of the toilet, to be very handy and time saving when it comes to cleaning a toilet.

Do not keep pets unless you are prepared for lots of extra work. Dogs and cats shed at various rates. Some dogs shed continuously and some shed once a year.

Be careful when cleaning. Use gloves to keep skin safe from abrasive cleaners.

After cleaning:

Make sure any rag used to clean with harsh cleansers is kept separate from other laundry, as they can bleach spots on clothes.

Cooking and Cleaning:

Multitask. I do other chores while I am cooking. If you need to stay in the kitchen while cooking, use the time to clean the kitchen. I wash dishes as I cook supper. This saves me from having to do as many dishes after supper.

I don't really like my washer and dryer in the kitchen, but it allows me to do my laundry while cooking. I love the new Bounce laundry bar that sticks in the dryer. No more laundry sheets lying on the floor or caught in clothes.

Cooking some things in large batches, that can be frozen for future use, is a real time saver. Spaghetti sauce is one such example. When making spaghetti for dinner I always make more than I need so I can freeze some for later use.

Another way to save on clean up time, while in the kitchen, is to use a spoon rest instead of laying dirty utensils on the cabinet. I have been known to use a can, which I empty while cooking, as a place to put the spoon I am using.

Paper plates can be a great time saver, but are not necessarily good for the environment or easy on the wallet.

I find keeping a piece of paper on the refrigerator helps me save time when making a list for the grocery. I write down things, as I cook, that I notice that I have used while cooking or cleaning.

Overall, I try to throw away stuff I do not need. There is a difference between saving something that might be worth something and just throwing stuff in the closet and attic. Less stuff kept means less cleaning.

There are many tips in magazines and on websites that can help you save time when cleaning such as:

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