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Cleaning And Polishing Hardwood Floors

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I love hardwood floors because they are so easy to clean. Hardwood floors I feel make any home look beautiful, and when cleaning hardwood floors I prefer to use Bruce floor and polish cleaner. Even though there are many cleaners and polishers that can be used I like Bruce because it goes on light. When cleaning hardwood floors I begin with first moving all the furniture off the floor that is to be cleaned then by cleaning the floor with a damp mop do not use water use a liquid floor cleaning solution. However, before using the mop all dust has to be removed from the floor by sweeping or vacuuming. If the floor you wish to clean is not sealed you will also need to make sure the hardwood floor is sealed before you mop. You can tell if a floor is sealed because the floor will have a glossy or shiny look to it because of the finish used to seal the wood. I would suggest not using water to mop because water can cause warping. That is why I suggested using liquid floor cleaning solution to mop. While mopping you may want to pay attention to removing any dirt from the floor clean the floor completely and allow it to dry. When the floor is cleaned use a floor polish to help add shine to the floor begin by waxing a small area at a time while working through the whole room. Be sure not to box yourself in and when the floor is done let it dry.

Once a week I spray and mop my floors with Bruce Polisher just as a refresher to help maintain the shine. But note the floor has to always be sweep before refreshing with a polisher. In Home Depot you can buy a special Microfiber mop handle with a swivel head to clean or refresh the floors the microfiber cover comes off the mop and can be thrown into the washing machine to be cleaned.

A good way to maintain clean hardwood floors is to reduce the amount of shoe traffic by requiring people to remove their shoes when they enter the home by doing this you may only have to clean the hardwood floors once every two weeks.