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Cleansing The Gall Bladder

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When I was still and about to get married, I underwent a gallbladder cleanse. I thought, even if I don't have symptoms of gall problems, it is okay. After all the cleanse could also be for my colon, as the ingredients of the cleanse will still have to pass by my colon and my digestive tract will also be cleansed.

The first time I did it, there some stones that came out. Most of them were brown and three of them were green. I knew they were gallstones because they floated on water, unlike fecal matter.

After 6 months, I decided to get on another cleanse. I thought, there were stones that came out the first time, then maybe, there are still some left so it is best to clean my gall bladder off.

My goodness! The second cleanse proved to be the most important cleanse. I think it was really God's wisdom that guided me to undergo the second one. There were so many stones that came out. The stones, which I took out from the water, almost filled 1 cup. This time, some of them were brown, but most of them were green, as in emerald green, much like the color of our local coconut jelly. The biggest ones (there were like 3 of them), were about the size of my thumb! Imagine that! I was like a mine of gall bladder stones!

The green ones took on the color of the bile. The brown ones were probably the newest stones that were formed, that is why they were still small. I can only imagine them filling my gall bladder because as far as I knew, the gall bladder is a very small organ. And I did not even feel any pain the area.

So it is my suggestion that you undergo cleansing of the internal organs once in a while before they stopped performing altogether. For the very cheap ingredients of the gall bladder cleanse, I have saved myself from pain and stress related to gall bladder problems, as well as the expenses and the loss of income that go with it.