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Clear Moblie Internet

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I used to have Cricket mobile Internet, but I have had so many problems with them. One there customer service was just bad, the Internet connection was so slow, then the price I had to pay for the first month was 180 almost 200 dollars. But that's not even the worse part, I got my air-card stolen and not only was I gonna have to pay for the equipment but for the next month as well that would be another 200 bucks I would have to pay which was out of the question. Then the best thing happened my friend told me about the new company that had just come out called Clear Mobile Internet. She said not only were they a 4G network but they offered to rent there equipment to anyone for 2 years at 6 dollars. What a steal right, needless to say I was intrigued. So I went to Best Buy where I was gonna buy a computer and what do u know there was a Clear Mobile Internet stand there. So I got the information and what she said was all true. So instead of paying the almost 200 dollars with Cricket Mobile Wireless, I pay 46 dollars with Clear Mobile Internet. I got home and installed it, which was so easy, and started to use it and let me tell you it is the best internet connection. Not only is it a great price but the Internet is super fast. I love this Internet. I even use it while I am driving in the car and it works great. No more buffering of videos, and endless waiting for the movie to load. It is so simple I don't know how anyone can do without it. Clear saved my sanity and happiness with Internet companies.