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Close Family Ties Among Filipinos

Crissy Taruc By Crissy Taruc on
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When I think of life and how hard to deal with it I worry not for myself but for my kids. They are still young, 10 and 6 years old, and I really can't help what lies ahead. They are the top reason why I treasure my life, be strong amidst troubles and problems and dream for peace and prosperity in days to come.

Filipinos are known for having "close family ties." We value the importance of family, live with it and depend on it. Yes there are instances that this tie brings good and bad things to the family but I guess it depends on how family members deal with it.

In our family the tie is still strong and even getting stronger now. Currently, we are dealing with financial problem of our parents' business but with the help of one another we are able to cope up with it and the love and hard work we have for each other keep us to be positive amidst everything. I am the only one living quite far from my parents. My 2 sisters and their families are still living with them. Sometimes I appreciate and happy that I have my own family and living independently with my husband and kids. But I admit that the "tie" lives deep within me. We keep in touch with one another and see each other occasionally but it is still different living under one roof together.

There may be Filipinos who will agree in my view and others may not. But in our family whatever misunderstandings and troubles it may bring we know that it gives us more benefits because at the end of the day we know that we have each other. Actually we are passing this to our kids. We instill in their minds the importance of a family at their very young age. We let them keep in touch with each other often, attend occasions altogether and provide them quality bonding time at home and outside like in a mall or amusement park.

The goodness and badness of one thing depends on the person or people dealing with it. As for me and my family "close family ties" is something we keep from generation to generation.