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Coconut M And M's

By hamman42 on
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Hello, I would like to start off by saying that this will be a short review and that I have recently picked up some coconut m&m's and I must say they are delicious. Now I can imagine that the manufacturer is just testing this product to see if it will sell simply because its found at very little locations (from my knowledge Walgreens and CVS.) and it is labeled "Limited Time Only" which can probably be changed if the sales are high. They also only sell M&M's in individual packages so it is very evident that they are testing the candy out with the public so I would highly recommend to my viewers that they at the least try them so the candy doesn't just get run off. As far as taste goes, they are delectable, the coconut flavor isn't extremely powerful, but not too light so it gives a perfect touch of coconut for the milk chocolate candy. Now if your ever out the candy is quite easy to distinguish from the other M&M's as it is packaged in white (just like the picture above.) The candy themselves hold three colors, white, brown and a limeish green, all having the same taste. Now although labeled on the package "artificial flavoring", I can assure you the Coconut flavor does not taste like chemical garbage, but a very legit taste. Now the Manufacturer also claims that the candy has real chocolate which as been evident in all their past products. So all in all I would recommend this to any coconut lover and even someone who doesn't like coconuts that much because I am not a huge fan of coconuts, but I have for sure enjoyed this product and who knows, this can be the next big thing for all candy manufactures just how reese's started the peanut butter with chocolate and it carried on to just about every candy manufacture.