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Colorado The Best Place To Visit

Kimber Watson By Kimber Watson on
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I recently moved to Colorado from California, I lived in Colorado about 20 years ago and I feel in love with the State. Some of my favorite things about living in the state are the history, the mountains, the folk lore and the many sites to see and the Aspen turning to gold in fall.

Central City located in our beautiful mountains just above Black Hawk is where I like to go. Central City and Black Hawk are one of our many gold mining towns. There you will find the famous Teller house Hotel and Museum. In the bar room there is a painting on the floor of the most beautiful woman, and there are many different stories about how the face on the floor came to be.

The other reason I love Central City and Black Hawk is it was the home of one of Colorado's Famous woman from the Silver boom, her name was Baby Doe Tabor the Silver Queen of the 1800's. This is where she lived when she first came to Colorado she made history, she broke the rules of propriety and she lived a life from rags to riches to rags again. Her only allies were her husband Horace Tabor and the unsinkable Mollie Brown.

We have skiing, the Stanley Hotel where Steven King got the idea for the shining and where the TV version was filmed. We have many famous small towns and you will find the Grave of Buffalo Bill, Red Rocks and Pikes Peak.

I spend a lot of time reading about the history here in Colorado, they call it Gods Country here and I believe it is. It is a State that loves its sports teams if they loose or not.

So if you want a vacation come to the Rockies.