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Comelec Precinct Finder

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The 2010 Philippine Elections is done and we are just waiting for the final and official results. As a voter and a citizen who wants change and improvements for my country I did my assignment for the big day. First, I come up with the list of candidates I will vote for from the national positions down to the local candidates. In that way my voting will be easier and faster and to give way also for other voters to cast theirs. In that regard, my second move is to find my precinct number. COMELEC clustered the precincts so I am expecting that voters will be congested in the voting places.

Thanks COMELEC that they uploaded the Precinct Finder for those voters who have online access to locate their assigned precinct in advance. All voters need to do is to enter their First, Middle and Last names plus the complete date of birth and presto the Precinct Finder will give the full details to voters on where to go on election day.

It is the first time that the Philippines hold an automated election and one way to cut down election costs is to cluster the precincts thus resulting to several precincts combined into one. What happened on May 10 (election day) was really long line up of voters waiting for their turn. There are list of voters in the classrooms' walls near the door specifically marked with precinct code that voters get with the use of Precinct Finder. Voters who are able to enroll themselves in the biometrics of COMELEC will find their records easily in the Precinct Finder.

I guess this is one of the important benefits of internet wherein during this special and important occasion online users can count on the web for information and details they need to know on specific issue or concern.