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Comfort Inn

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To start my review I would like to tell you how I came to be at a Comfort Inn hotel. When most people hear the word hotel they think summer vacation, beaches, and fun in the sun but sadly not in this case me and my family where running from a category 2 hurricane named Gustav . After about 1 hour of calling almost every hotel in the safety range that wasn't too far from home we cough a break and found a hotel in Texas. I cant exactly remember what town it was but I know it was close to Huston when we checked in they asked to see my mom's ID nothing unusual since we paid with a credit card but when the lady looked at the ID she told us to wait while she went to go get the manager I kept joking with her that she was going to get arrested. When the manager arrived he started asking if we where evacuating from Gustav after we told him the details to me and my hole family's surprise he said that the stay was free of charge until they said it was safe to go back into the city. The fist thing I thought on our way to the room was that he just gave us the worst room in the hotel ( you know the kind I'm talking about lumps in the bed, torn carpet, and god knows what the stains are) but yet again I was very surprised to see a nice room ( better than most my friends rooms ) I'm slightly germophobic so I don't say that lightly. After checking out the room I started exploring ( its in my nature) and found an exercise room if used my card key not thinking it would work but for the 3rd time that day I was surprised it worked!! After playing in there for a little while I went down the street expecting to find some restaurants but all I found was a Denny's lucky for me and my older brother this is our favor it restaurant ( there are no Denny's in Lake Charles so that made it that much better) and there was also a gas station these places where our life line even tho there was room service in the hotel and I love the hotel but it was very expensive. The next day I found out that they had free breakfast and no I do not mean a muffin cereal and a banana it was a buffet I fell in love with the waffle maker. ( I bought a waffle maker when I went home because I couldn't go back to Eggo) To sum up the rest of my stay I went exploring again got lost for 3 hours didn't do "DAT" again it was very hot I think about 89 degrees then a day latter we went home a total of 3 days to fund that the big bad hurricane didn't even break a twig and the power stayed on because the clocks where still set. Ironically the next hurricane named Ike we stayed and that one was bad the street flooded for 2 days trapping us inside lucky for us we are on top of a hill so it didn't reach our house sorry to all my neighbor 's.