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Communicating With Your Children

Kimber Watson By Kimber Watson on
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When you are raising your children you always wonder if you are doing the right things, am I bringing them up right, teaching them right and many more? As they grow up you find that they amaze you, by becoming beautiful wonderful adults. My oldest daughter has three children she has never had to hit me at all; she uses the same techniques as I have by reasoning with them and using time out. She really surprised me when she had her first and before he started to talk she used sign language to communicate with him. At first, I thought it was a crazy idea but it worked when her son wanted something she would sign him and he would sign back it was amazing.

Her son started speaking at about 18 months when he first started speaking he would suck his words in so it sounded like he was whistling when he spoke it was so cute. My daughter took him to speech therapy for a few months and the whistle was gone. I sometimes miss the whistle it was cute. My grandson is six years old now with two siblings.

My daughter has done this with her three year old and it worked as well and he is speaking well, she just gave birth to a daughter and she will do the same things with her. I am very proud of her all her children are very well behaved and they are very proper. I never thought my oldest would be mother material she was always stubborn, she is a red head and she had the red head mentality.

I have decided that my daughters theory of bring up her children is great, I think all parents should use this technique.

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