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Compressed Natural Gas (Cng) For Vehicles

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Driving on the freeway recently, I noticed the pickup truck in front of me said it was powered by natural gas. I stayed close to the truck until the freeway ended and we came to a stoplight, so that I could take a picture of the advertising on the truck and do some research.

The WorldCNG website directed me to an article written by T. Boone Pickens, who has become one of the country’s leading advocates for alternative fuel sources. While it is true that Pickens is one of the wealthiest men in the world, and that his money was made mainly in the oil and gas industry, his current view is that imported oil and gas are something we should move away from as a nation.

Mr. Pickens said in an article dated August 2010:."In July 2010, the United States imported 388 million barrels of oil, of which about 70% was used for transportation fuel. This kind of oil use causes a national dependency that is responsible for 55 % of the national trade deficit." according to an article written by Mr. Pickens in August of 2010. If we can change the fuel we use for transportation to something that doesn’t need to be imported, why wouldn’t we?

Natural gas can be used to fuel vehicles. Domestic natural gas is abundant and is a lot cleaner than foreign diesel. Even high powered trucks can run on natural gas.

This is where companies like WorldCNG come in. These companies are converting vehicles to compressed natural gas systems, which are not only much greener, environmentally speaking, but can save a lot of money on fuel as well. As of September 2010, the price difference between petroleum based fuel and compressed natural gas was about $1.15 per gallon.

To buy a converted vehicle is, admittedly, quite expensive, but any company with a fleet to fuel would be wise to compare fuel costs and consider tax benefits for a converted fleet.

I find the subject of finding greener vehicle fuels fascinating and I applaud the men and women who are committing their lives and careers to that end.

For more information about World CNG, click the following link.