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Cosmetic Counters Exposed!!

strawberryshortcake By strawberryshortcake on
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I am trained in esthetics(skin and body care), i currently work behind a cosmetics counter-Estee Lauder. I have worked for many high-end cosmetic brands including Chanel, Clinique, Lancome and Clarins. I do not agree with the poor ethics that the majority of these sales people behind the counters have, at all, some of them actually make me feel ashamed to be working in this industry behind the counters. Because of the things i have seen, and heard and even have been trained in, i would never trust any of these 'cosmetitions'. Not all of them are trained in skincare, or are even makeup artists, so trust me they do not know what is best for you, and alot of these big name brands are not all you are made to believe they are, though some do have really good products, but just are not worth the money, you can find other products that may actually have similar ingredients, or even better ingredients.

These 'cosmetitions' are trained in sales, the cosmetic counter they are working for send them/us to training schools about every six months, we learn a little bit about the product, but they never tell us about what is in the creams we are selling, and i like to know what is in these creams, why are they the 'new latest better' product in their upcoming new revamped line of products? So of course i have to ask, and everytime, the trainers cannot tell us, because they dont know, so they stand in front of the room with all our eyes on them expecting an answer, and we watch as they squirm and look at each other with a help me look on their faces and finally we get an answer'uh, im not sure, but the ingredients our scientists created are the latest in skin science technology' this next one is a question i had recently asked at the October class, i asked if this one product had glycolic acid in it and this is the answer i recieved 'I am not to sure, but it does have something in it to slough off the dead skin, maybe glycolic acid that is possinle, but i cant really say, i dont really know'.

For some reason they dont like to tell us what is in the products, you have to read the back of the packages, try it, go to any cosmetic counter at The Bay, or Saks and ask the sales lady what is in that certain cream, bet she will only know the one or two ingredients that are advertised in magazines, that is all the trainers at these schools tell us about their products, she wont know what else is in the product, she will have to pull a jar out of the showcase and read the back ingredient list to you, that is if she doesnt ignore you and walk away to help another customer at the counter that she thinks might actually buy something!

At these schools we are trained how to make more in sales, how to add on extra products you dont actually need to your purchase so that we dont have the store managers, the counter manager and the general manager of the cosmetic line down on us. The goal for each counter, and each cosmetition is to have a minimum of two items sold to each customer, we are rated on this, aswell as how much money we ring in for the day. The more money and products we sale we are awarded a shopping spree of products based on our earning, some days when the sales people are extra pushy, that is because whoever rings in more sales for that day will get free products from the general manager!!

Dont be fooled when you go shopping at the cosmetics counter, try before you buy, that is if you can, some counters will tell you they dont have samples, like Estee Lauder, well the counter i am working at, my manager at the counter locks up sample so we cannot give them out, she only gives them out to HER regular customers, we are not allowed to touch them, not allowed to give to our regulars or to anyone new to the line, i dont know why, but she is kind of a snob to be honest and not the best person to work with or for.

You know your skin better than these sales people, and i call them sales people for a reason because that is what they are trained as, 98% are not trained cosmetitions!! They are trained to sell you the most expensive creams and other products that are just not made for your skin. They dont care about you, they only care about making the sale and the free stuff or awards they will get! Some, especially the older ladies that have been doing this jobs for years may actually care, and some have actually recieved better training, or are actually licensed esthetitions, but not all.

Also be very weary before you get a makeup application, the makeup is not cleaned, and if it is, its not after every customer, sometimes for months, and i have seen some very dirty people apply these products or dip dirty fingers in the creams, the brushes are also not cleaned after every customer, sometimes not until the end of the day after touching 50 or so people!! So be safe!! This stuff is full of bacteria, ansd spraying alcohol on the brushes or lipsticks wont kill the bacteria, or hepatitis, aids virus, or whatever else may be on these brushes. Also alot of counters wont spray alcohol on thei lipsticks because it breaks down the color. One time i did spray some alcohol on a lipstick and it started to froth and foam because of all the bacteria on it!! Also if the brushes are washed with soap and water, that is fine to clean your own brushes, but not enough to clean when they are used on thousands of people, just think about the hairdressers using hospital grade cleaner to dip and soak their tools in to clean the bacteria and viruses off their hair brushes and combs!!!! That is effective, but simple alcohol or soap is not!!

I hope this helps alot of you out there, its sad and gross, but it needs to be known, i feel so bad for all the trusting people wasting their very hard earned cash on lies just so some untrustworthy selfish person can recieve free stuff!! I am currently looking for a new job or position because i cannot lie to my customers. I may go back to working in a salon or spa!