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Cosplay Wigs And Contact Lens Shopping Sites

By kasouyumi on
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If your are into cosplay and costumes, then you will of course need a wig to add some glamor to your costume. also, contact lenses to make your eyes sparkle(or scary looking) are also a good idea. If you are looking to complete your look with the perfect hair style and make up? I have the right sites for you to shop from!

Amphigory is a cosplay site with a wide range of wigs, makeup, and jewelry, and more! The wigs are the greatest part of all. The have many brand names and styles to choose from, especially cosplay cut wigs and colors. Amphigory has alot of stuff on clearance, so be sure to take advantage of that as well. Check out Amphigory.com by putting the link into your search engine!


FX-Eyes: If you wanna add alittle extra oomf to your eye color, the FxEyes.com is one of the good sites to buy contact lenses. I must warn you, they are a bit on the pricey side, but the quality and selection is amazing! Be sure to check this place out, as they all say, "The eyes say a thousand words!"


Cosworx: This site is cosplay reccomended. You can buy wigs, shoes, cosplay ears, and magazines. The prices are great and so is the site.


Color Lenses 4 Less: This site is MUCH cheaper than FX-Eyes. This is actually a Chinese store, but they do ship world wide. This site is for cosplay contact lenses but you can by cosplay wigs aswell.The contact lenses aren't as high quality and cool as the ones featured on FX-Eyes.com, but they are descent. It takes a long time to ship and recieve your order(about 2 weeks for shipping)so if you are patient and on a budget, then visit Color Lenses 4 Less.