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Coupon Cutting Does It Really Save You Money?

Stephanie Mason By Stephanie Mason on
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Food Coupon Really Cutting Save

Do you cut coupons? If so, then you know the tedious work it takes to look through them, pick out the ones you want, put them aside, and then once you are done, cut each one out. Then you have to store them until you are ready to go to the grocery store. In some cases, trips to the grocery store may not be planned so of course you forget your coupons which makes all that time you spent, worthless.

This happens to me all the time! Most of the time I ask myself why I go through all the work! Sometimes, its more work to cut out the coupons than it is to bring them to the store.

Last week, I just so happened to plan a grocery store run and so I took my coupons with me. Going through the store, I took out my coupons and went through each one carefully so that I can save some money. When I got to the check and presented my coupons to the cashier, I saved $15. Yes, $15. I could have saved more but some of the stuff I bought was the brand name of the coupon they offered (example: Kraft cheese but I bought the store brand because it was cheaper)

Let’s face it. This day and age, with the economy like it is and people losing their jobs, saving money is what it is all about! Knowing that I save $15 dollars on a bill that had already cost me $130 let me know that, yes, in all honesty, clipping coupons and taking the time to search for the product, on top of comparing prices, was definantly worth the time.

Of course, like everything else in this world, there are pros and cons to this task. I will outline some of them below and you can make a choice that is good for you whether you will clip coupons before you go to the store.

Pros of clipping coupons

Saving money

Lowering your grocery bill by $1.00 and more.

Sometimes you can get free items or samples by cutting coupons

Cons of Clipping Coupons

The time it takes to clip coupons can be long and tedious.

Storing coupons can be messy unless you are an organized person.

Your time in the grocery store may take a bit longer than necessary because you have to go through each coupon to make sure you are saving the appropriate amount of money.

In conclusion, there are other ways of saving money these days. The first is by the rewards cards that you can get at most stores. They all work in different ways but mostly it boils down to how much money you spend on a shopping trip. There is also electronic coupon clippings. This is a little easier because if you find the right program, you can just go down the list of coupons, check the ones you wish to print, then print them. The only downfall that I find about these is that sometimes you have to download their coupon program to print. Below, is a short list of those websites that I like to use.