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With financial times being what they are, many households are returning to the practice of couponing. What is couponing? Clipping coupons to save nickels, dimes, and quarters on your grocery bill! Couponing has become a lot more sophisticated than it use to be, though. You will still receive coupon circulars in your Sunday paper, and these are still probably your most valuable resource. But now there are fabulous websites that help you to consolidate you local grocery store’s weekly ad with the available and unexpired coupons that are “out there”. It is truly a wonderfully easy way to save substantially.

You don’t have to buy items that you would not normally buy just to use your coupons. The website couponmom.com, will actually let you print a list that meets your needs, along with links to online printable coupons, dates of in-print coupon releases, how many you need to buy to redeem the coupon, the sale price, and the percentage saved. You just check the boxes of the items that are on your list – then print!

Grocery store websites are helpful too, with resources for coupons that you can load directly onto your club card or membership card so that you don’t need to bother with clipping or carrying coupons. I suggest you write these on a separate list as you load them, though, so that you don’t forget about them.

The online printable coupons are accepted in all the grocery chains these days as well. Many of the stores do not, however, honor the ones that give product away for free. You will need to check with the customer service desk at your store to learn their policy on coupon use.

So far, couponmom.com is my favorite site, but there are many others and not only for grocery stores. Every day on Facebook and Twitter, you can receive coupon alerts for many items including movies, restaurants and the like. There are vast networks of avid couponers sharing information and spreading the word on good deals.

This is another way for thrifty households to save many dollars a week, and it can be fun and challenging to see how many good deals you can find.