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Cow And Chicken: Not Suitable For Kids

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Cow and Chicken is a Hanna-Barbera cartoon created by David Feiss which feature a cow named Cow and her brother, a chicken named Chicken. They had parents who were just called mom and dad and were suspiciously missing their upper halves. They were just torsos and legs. The show also featured "The Red Guy" who was a devil-like creature who was often naked and did not wear pants. The show started with runs of the "What A Cartoon !" show and soon became a regular fixture in Cartoon Network.

When I first watched the show, I found it quite entertaining as Cow and Chicken would often get into all sorts of situations. I was also amused by Super Cow, Cow's alter ego as she beat up the Red Guy. But as I analyzed the show, it isn't a good show at all. It is a show that is not at all sutable for adults let alone kids.Here are the reasons for that.

1) What is the devil doing in a kids show? - I mean seriously, a show has to have its share of good and bad guys but why the devil? This is not at all suitable. This is certainly offensive for any Christian.

2) Why are the parents missing their upper halves? - It is strange enough that humans spawn a cow and a chicken but why are they missing their upper halves? This is simply bizarre and weird. How can they still be living? How can they even speak or do anything?

3) The show teaches about poor eating habits - Why do cow and chicken eat pig butts? I mean cows eat grass and chickens eat corn. This doesn't make sense at all or even teach good eating habits. The thought of eating pigs' bottoms is simply disgusting.

4) A lot of focus on Cow's udders - Why is there so much atention on a cow's sexual organs in a kid's show? This is totally inappropriate.