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Crackerjack Nutcrackers, Very Good Too!

Glen Smith By Glen Smith on
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My nutcrackers on an empty bowl.

The particular nutcrackers in this review, were given to me, and I have never seen any others quite like them. The construction is similar to the Vice grips, or "Mole grips" used in garages. They certainly are robust, as I have been using them for several years now, with no sign of wear or damage. Since researching for this review, I have come across several of this type, mainly being sold as retro. Apparently they were made like this in the 1950s.

The finish is chrome plating, not an easy project, and it is time consuming, as the object needs to be coated in nickel and also copper first. The chrome finish is a very durable one, and long lasting, but it does need to be done properly, otherwise it will peel and flake. I must say that the quality of the chrome finish on these is very good indeed.

The conventional nutcrackers, work with very little leverage, meaning you often have difficulty cracking the shells of various nuts. These however, have a very good ratchet system, which is operated with the fingers. The nut is simply placed into the jaws, and then the ratchet lever is squeezed until a little resistance is felt. At this point, the lever is squeezed once more to crack the shell.

Although these were designed as nutcrackers, they are equally at home crushing ice, or even Lobster claws! I have even tested them out on a stick of rock! As for the price, well I have seen these on ebay for £4.99, no sign of any for sale in the shops.

I have used these on, many different types of nuts, and have never had a problem. The leverage is very good, and there is plenty of force to be had. You may think it is a waste of effort squeezing the jaws, from fully open to fully closed, but in fact there are only sixteen actions required to fully close the jaws, and that is from the fully open position. These jaws can even be simply opened or closed without the lever, saving time and effort.

I do appreciate there is not a great deal one can say about nutcrackers, but I just felt that because these are so good, they justified a review. If you ever see a pair of these, please try them out, I am sure you will be well pleased.